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All films screen on a Tuesday evening at 8pm
 • £5 per annum
Entrance fee:
  • £5 for members
  • £6 for guests
  • £4 concessionary
    (members only)

You can become a member at the door when you attend your first film. The membership application form is on our flyers, which will be available soon.

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It was recently announced that independent distrubutor Metrodome has gone into administration. Unfortunately, two of the films in this season – The Brand New Testament and Evolution – were booked with Metrodome, and we have thus been forced to cancel those screenings and replace them with alternative titles.

Thus on Tuesday 1st November will will now be screening Our Little Sister [Umimachi Diary], a comedy-drama from acclaimed Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda (After Life, Still Walking, I Wish), and on 22nd November we will be showing Behemoth [Bei xi mo shou], an acclaimed documentary by Chinese director Liang Zhao.

Full details will be posted on the 'Current Season' page in the next few days.

Showing next: Tuesday 25 October at 8pm
The Pearl Button [Nie yin niang]
director: Patricio Guzmán
starring: Patricio Guzmán, Raúl Zurita

The Pearl Button

Master director Patricio Guzmán travels 10,000 feet above sea level to the driest desert on earth for this remarkable documentary. Here, the sky is so translucent that it allows astronomers to see the boundaries of our universe. Yet the Atacama Desert climate also keeps human remains intact: pre-Columbian mummies; explorers and miners; and the remains of disappeared political prisoners. Women sift the desert soil for the bones of their loved ones, while archaeologists uncover traces of ancient civilizations and astronomers examine the most distant and oldest galaxies.

Read the Cine Outsider review and watch out interview with director Patricio Guzmán

Why our films have to start promptly at 8pm
Although our films are scheduled to start at 8pm, on busier nights we've always been able to hold up the start until everyone is in and seated. With the arrival of digital projection, however, this has all changed. Most of the films we screen now arrive as high definition digital files that are coded to play at a specific time, over which the projectionist has no control. This means that the film has to start playing at 8pm or not at all. Thus to avoid potentially missing the start of the film, it's worth arriving in good time for the screening.