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Autumn 2013 season

Tuesday 17th September at 8 pm
I'm So Excited [Los amantes pasajeros]     Spain 2013  |  90 mins  |  15
When a commercial flight bound for Mexico runs into trouble shortly after take-off, the crew try to keep the news of possible impending disaster from the passengers by drugging those in economy class and keeping the already suspicious business class occupants entertained. Celebrated Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar (All About My Mother, Talk to Her) returns to his roots for this brisky paced, flamboyant and gloriously overblown comical take on the disaster movie. Peppered with colourful characters, sharp one-liners and smart visual gags, the film is also a sly celebration of human fortitude in the face of impending disaster.

Tuesday 24th September at 8 pm
In the Fog [V tumane]    Belarus / Russia / Germany / Netherlands / Latvia 2012  |  127 mins  |  12
In Nazi-occupied Belarus in 1942, railway worker Sushenya is suspected of collaborating with the enemy after three of his co-workers are executed for sabotage and he is set free. Partisans Burov and Voitik are charged with the task of killing him for his alleged crime, but as they lead him into the forest for execution, an encounter with a German patrol has a transforming effect on the fate of all three men. Belarusian director Sergei Loznitsa's follow-up to his 2010 My Joy is a deliberately paced, compelling and richly atmospheric study of guilt and the complex ethics of survival in war.

Tuesday 1st Octoberl at 8pm
Jiro Dreams of Sushi     USA 2012  |  81 mins  |  U            BROADSTAIRS FOOD FESTIVAL
In a country with more than its fair share of sushi chefs, 85-year-old Jiro Ono is regarded by many as the finest of them all. Tucked away in an underground Tokyo mall, the Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant seats just ten people and a 15-minute, sushi-only meal will cost you a minimum of ¥30,000, close to £200 at the current exchange rate. Jiro's relationship with his son and eventual heir and the extraordinary perfectionism that made his establishment the world's first 3-star Michelin sushi restaurant are the focus of David Gelb's fascinating and mouth-watering documentary.

Tuesday 8th Octoberl at 8pm
Blancanieves     Spain / France / Belgium 2012  |  104 mins  |  12A
After celebrated matador Antonio Villalta is seriously injured in the bullring, the shock send his pregnant wife into premature labour, where she dies giving birth to their daughter, Carmen. Rejected by her paralysed and heartbroken father, she falls under the care of a callous stepmother, launching her on a journey that will eventually see her abandoned and rescued by a band of bullfighting dwarves... Inventively adapted from the fairy tale Snow White, Blancanieves follows the lead taken by last year's The Artist and presents the story as a gorgeously realised silent film, as well as a hugely entertaining celebration of Spanish storytelling and culture.

Tuesday 15th October at 8pm
In the House [Dans la maison]     France 2012  |  105 mins  |  15
Encouraged by his teacher Germain to develop his natural literary talent, high school student Claude begins writing stories about his classmate Rapha and his family. Germain becomes captivated by them, but as Claude's skills develop, the boundary between fact and fiction starts to become blurred. The latest film from François Ozon (8 Women, Swimming Pool) is a smart and involving mystery drama that grippingly explores notions of voyeurism, family and the subjective nature of truth.

Tuesday 22nd October at 8pm
The Wall [Die Wand]     Austria / Germany 2012  |  108 mins  |  12A
An unnamed woman finds herself inexplicably cut off from the world, trapped in the woodland surrounding the isolated Alpine lodge in which she was holidaying, by an invisible wall. As the months pass, she recalls the process of coming to terms with her isolation and reflects on her past life and her new relationship with nature. Based on the best-selling 1963 novel by Marlen Haushofer, the acclaimed debut feature of Julian Roman Pölsler is a bold, thoughtful and quietly mesmerising work, meticulously constructed around a superb central performance from The Lives of Others leading lady Martina Gedeck.

Tuesday 29th October at 8pm
White Elephant [Elefante blanco]     Argentina / Spain / France 2012  |  105 mins  |  15
In a shanty town in a slum district of Buenos Aires, priests Julián and Nicolas, who are also old friends, work tirelessly to help the district's poor and use their influence to help complete a hospital whose construction has repeatedly stalled. As Nicolas struggles with his fading faith, he finds unexpected solace in the company of Luciana, an attractive atheist social worker. The latest from Crane World and El Bonaerense director Pablo Trapero is a compelling and hard-hitting cultural drama that also delivers on action and packs a real emotional kick.

Tuesday 5th November at 8pm
Shun Li and the Poet [Io sono Li]     Italy / France 2011  |  98 mins  |  15
Chinese immigrant Shun Li works tirelessly in a remote fishing village on the outskirts of Italy to buy a ticket that will re-unite her with her 8-year od son. Here she strikes up an unexpected friendship with solitary middle-aged widower Bepi, which is ignited and develops through their shared loved of poetry. However, their relationship begins to stir discontent in the local community. A film of few words, Shun Li and the Poet is a touching and beautifully handled portrait of two displaced loners, winningly played by Chinese actress Tao Zhao and Croatian old hand Rade Serbedzija.

Tuesday 12th November at 8pm
Reality     Italy / France 2012  |  116 mins  |  15
When the TV reality show Big Brother begins scouting locally for contestants, flamboyant Neapolitan fishmonger and part-time scam artist Luciano immediately auditions. Seduced by the prospect of the fame and wealth that winning could bring him, his conviction that he will be selected begins to have an effect on his grasp of reality. The latest film from Gomorrah director Matteo Garrone a sharp and witty expose of the shallow nature of celebrity culture, blackly comic in tone and boasting a striking central performance from Aniello Arena, a former Camorra gangster who shot the film while on day release from prison.

Tuesday 19th November at 8pm
The Gatekeepers     Israel / France / Germany / Belgium 2012  |  101 mins  |  15
The six living former leaders of the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet are interviewed about their efforts in what they regard as their own "war on terror" against their Palestinian neighbours. Given that none of these men have spoken publicly about their work since leaving office, the fact that Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh was able to persuade all six to talk so openly may well be the documentary coup of the year. The result is a searing, Oscar-nominated study of how state-sanctioned violence is proving as big a barrier to peace as the actions it aims to suppress.

Tuesday 26th November at 8pm
Much Ado About Nothing     USA 2012  |  109 mins  |  12A
Updating Shakespeare is always a risky venture, yet this new take on the Bard's Much Ado About Nothing is an exuberantly energetic and witty delight. Adapted and directed by Joss Whedon, the celebrated creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cabin in the Woods, the film shakes off the star-spangled and colourful Tuscany of Kenneth Brannagh's 1993 adaptation, with Whedon instead shooting in black and white at his own mansion house with a relatively unknown cast. The result has been acclaimed as one of the most enjoyable and accessible examples of cinematic Shakespeare since Baz Luhmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet.

Tuesday 3rd December at 8pm
Rebellion [L'ordre et la morale]     France 2011  |  136 mins  |  15
Crack hostage negotiator Philippe Legorjus is dispatched to New Caledonia, where a group of police officers are being held captive by Kanak separatists. He initially makes some progress, but his attempts to form a relationship with Kanak group leader Alphonse are frustrated by politicians more interested in winning elections than finding a peaceful solution to the crisis. The latest film from actor and La Haine director Mathieu Kassovitz (who also plays Legorjus) is an intelligent, suspenseful and compelling performed recreation of actual events, one whose explosions of action are also impeccably handled.

Tuesday 10th December at 8pm
Easy Money [Snabba cash]     Sweden 2010  |  124 mins  |  15
JW is an business student looking to fund an increase in his social status. Jorge is desperate to break out of prison, despite having only a year left to serve. Mrado is a Serbian hit man with family issues who is becoming convinced that his life is going nowhere. A chance encounter and a couple of bad decisions bring all three into the dangerous world of Swedish organised crime. Adapted from the first volume of the acclaimed Stockholm Noir trilogy by Jens Lapidus, Easy Money is a riveting and highly praised Scandinavian crime thriller, a huge hit on home turf that has already prompted two sequels and the inevitable Hollywood remake.

Tuesday 17th December at 8pm
Beware of Mr. Baker     USA 2012  |  100 mins  |  15
Best known for his work with 60s supergroups Cream and Blind Faith, the legendary Ginger Baker is widely regarded as one of the most talented and tempestuous drummers in rock music history. Jay Bulger's fascinating documentary explores Baker's colourful life and career using a blend of choice archive footage, animation and interviews with his former collaborators (including Eric Clapton and John Lydon) and, most tellingly, the unpredictable Baker himself, who even in his 70s proves capable of dishing out an angry beating.