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Winter 2017 season

Tuesday 10 January at 8.30pm

The Beatles: 8 Days a Week – The Touring Years    UK/USA 2016  |  137 mins  |  12A
The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years Ron Howard first made his name as an actor playing Richie Cunningham on TV's Happy Days, then moved on to become one of Hollywood's most bankable directors of dramatic features (Cocoon, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind). Here he turns to the feature documentary format for this fascinating insight into the early years of the world's most beloved and successful pop groups of all time. Mixing new interviews with a wealth of archive material, including some early concert footage, 8 Days a Week is an insightful and enriching experience, and a glorious slice of nostalgia for those who were there.

Tuesday 17 January at 8.30pm
The Blue Room [La chambre bleue]    France 2014  |  76 mins  |  15
The Blue Room Successful businessman Julien has been having an extramarital affair with Esther, which is revealed as he is being questioned by the police. Has a been crime committed, and if so, what could it be and how is Julien involved? Adapted from the novel by Georges Simenon and directed by its enigmatic leading man Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Grand Budapest Hotel), The Blue Room is a haunting and surreal noir thriller that takes its time revealing its hand, drawing inspiration from Antonioni's Last Year in Marienbad and featuring a rich, Bernard Herrmann-like score from Gregoire Hetzel.

Tuesday 24 January at 8.30pm
The Fencer [Miekkailija]    Finland | Estonia | Germany 2015  |  99 mins  |  PG
The Fencer During the Stalinist 1950s, champion fencer Endel flees Leningrad and lands a teaching job at an Estonian school, many of whose pupils have been orphaned by the war. The bond he forms with the children prompts him to begin coaching some of them in an after school fencing club. But when their skill at the sport increases to the point where they could compete in a competition being held in his home city, will Endel risk all to take them there? A disarmingly engaging and visually striking take on the 'Inspirational Teacher' sub-genre, one whose charming cast and sensitive direction bring a freshness and vitality to a familiar premise.

Tuesday 31 January at 8.30pm
Hell or High Water     USA 2016  |  102 mins  |  15
Hell or High Water With their Texas family farm facing foreclosure, brothers Tanner and Cody decide to rob the very banks that are taking their home and livelihood away. But hot on their tail is grizzled Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton, who concocts a plan that he believes will result in the boys' capture. Penned by Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and directed by Starred Up's David Mackenzie, with a score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Hell or High Water is a gripping, richly detailed neo-western with potent anti-corporate capitalism undertones. It also boasts a superb trio of central performances from Ben Foster, Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges as Tanner, Cody and Hamilton.

Tuesday 7 February at 8.30pm
Under the Shadow   
UK | Qatar | Jordan  |  84 mins  |  15
Under the Shadow In 1988 Tehran in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war, middle class Shideh is left alone in her home with her daughter Dorsa when her doctor husband is called up to fight. Kept on edge by the ever-present danger from air raids, she is dismissive of claims that the apartment block is haunted, but after a series of disquieting events begins to doubt her beliefs and even her own sanity. The debut feature from Iranian director Babak Anvari has drawn comparisons with last year's The Babadook, but by infusing the psychological horror with political commentary, Anvari gives his compelling and increasingly unnerving film its own very distinctive identity.

Tuesday 21 February at 8.30pm
Baden Baden     Belgium | France 2016  |  96 mins  |  15
Baden Baden

After getting an angry dressing-down from a producer on the film set on which she is working, disorganised Ana takes the production's Porsche and drives back to her home town of Strasbourg, where she spends the summer doing up her straight-talking grandmother's house and re-uniting with old flames. From this simple premise, first-time director Rachel Lang fashions a quirky and unpredictable delight, an episodic and beguiling blend of touching drama and laugh-out-loud black comedy.

Tuesday 28 February at 8.30pm
A Date for Mad Mary    Ireland 2016  |  82 mins  |  15
A Date for Mad Mary

Newly released from prison, Mary is having trouble adjusting to the realisation that those around her have moved on. She needs to find a date for her best friend's wedding, and after a fruitless search of the local male population, she finds herself instead attracted to pretty wedding videographer Jess, which looks set to complicate her life even further. The debut feature from director Darren Thornton was one of the surprise delights of the 2016 London Film Festival, a wonderfully pitched film that manages to be both melancholic and funny and that boasts a star-making central performance from Seána Kerslake.

Tuesday 7 March at 8.30pm
Sonita     Germany | Switzerland | Iran 2015  |  90 mins  |  15
Sonita Born in Afghanistan and living in Tehran, Sonita Alizadeh is an aspiring teenage rapper who dreams of being the next Rihanna. Independent in spirit and outspoken in her lyrics, she is nonetheless constrained by cultural and family beliefs, and faces being sold into marriage by her fiercely traditionalist parents. Iranian filmmaker Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami's documentary portrait of Sonita walks a fascinating line between observation and personal involvement, as Maghami becomes a player in the story she is telling, and in the process also becomes involved in shaping her future.

Tuesday 14 March at 8pm
American Honey     UK | USA 2016  |  163 mins  |  15
American Honey The dysfunctional home life of teenager Star is shaped by poverty and abuse. When she meets and instantly connects with travelling magazine seller Jake, she jumps at his offer to join their party-hard 'mag-crew' and embarks with them on an unpredictable cross-country adventure. The latest film from acclaimed director Andrea Arnold swaps the urban British spaces of Red Road and Fish Tank for the open roads of America, creating a freewheeling, episodic and exhilarating celebration of youth and independence, driven along by a superb central performance from newcomer Sasha Lane and a terrific rock soundtrack.

Tuesday 21 March at 8.30pm
Little Men    USA | Greece 2016  |  85 mins  |  15
Little Men When struggling actor Brian moves into his late father's apartment with his wife Kathy and young son Jake, he also becomes the landlord of a downstairs flat inhabited by Chilean dressmaker Leonor and her son Tony. Over time, Jake and Tony become firm friends, but as disagreements over the lease spark conflict between the adults, the boys' friendship and growing loyalty to each other is put to the test. The latest film from director Ira Sachs (Love is Strange) is a captivating story of the bonds of childhood, one peppered with astute observations about gentrification and boasting a pair of superb performances from young Theo Taplitz as Jake and Michael Barbieri as Tony.

Tuesday 28 March at 8.30pm
Tharlo     China 2015  |  123 mins  |  PG
Tharlo For years, Tibetan goatherd Tharlo has led a simple and largely isolated life, able to recite whole passages from Chairman Mao's Little Red Book that he learned as a child, but unsure of his age or even his real name. When he is sent by the authorities to the city to get an ID card, his bemusement and curiosity at what he finds there triggers events that are set to change his life. The latest film from acclaimed Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden (Old Dog) is a gently paced, visually and aurally striking ethnographic drama, a monochrome cinematic poem that explores both humankind's frailty and a country caught between its past and its rapidly evolving present.

Tuesday 4 April at 8.30pm
Further Beyond     Ireland 2016  |  89 mins
Further Beyond Ambrose O’Higgins was born into an 18th Century Irish noble family that was forced to relocate when they lost their ancestral land. At 30 years of age, Ambrose migrated to Spain, where he went on to become a military governor of Chile and viceroy of Peru. His story is explored in this unconventional and original biopic from the multimedia collective Desperate Optimists (Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor), which unfolds as an intriguing, playful and intermittently amusing deconstruction of documentary film format.

Tuesday 11 April at 8.30pm
Phantom Boy     France | Belgium 2015  |  84 mins  |  PG
Phantom Boy Young Leo, who lives in New York and is being treated for cancer, discovers that his illness allows him to leave his body and fly around the city. On one such out-of-body experience he comes across an injured young policeman named Alex, and the two team up to tackle a new supervillain known as The Face. The work of French animators Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol (A Cat in Paris), Phantom Boy is an utterly beguiling and handsomely realised adventure story, one that celebrates the style and pleasures of traditional hand-drawn animation.