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Spring 2018 season

Tuesday 10 April at 8.30pm

Lost in Paris [Paris pieds nus]    France/Belgium 2016  |  83 mins  |  12A
After receiving a letter from her visually impaired and slightly senile Aunt Martha, Fiona takes a trip from Canada to France to visit her, only to find that she has disappeared. When a mishap strips Fiona of her belongings, a chance meeting with oddball homeless man Dom marks the start of a relationship that grows as they traverse the city's famous sights and streets. Directed by and starring real-life couple Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel, Lost in Paris is a charming and whimsical delight, an inventive and often hilarious comedy with touching romantic overtones and acute observations on the human need for personal connection.

Tuesday 17 April at 8.30pm
The Ornithologist [O Ornitólogo]    Portugal/France/Brazil 2016  |  117 mins  |  15
Ornithologist Fernando is travelling through a remote region northern Portugal in search of black storks when his small boat capsizes and breaks up in rapids. After being washed ashore and escaping the unexpectedly sinister clutches of two initially helpful Chinese pilgrims, he discovers a strange ritual site that launches him on a journey that mirrors the one taken by Saint Anthony of Padua. The latest film from Portuguese filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues is a seductive, visually striking and intermittently absurdist work, one whose mood and dream logic recall the cinema of Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Tuesday 24 April at 8.30pm
Mountain    Australia 2017  |  74 mins  |  PG
A collaboration between director Jennifer Peedom and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Mountain is a visually dazzling and aurally sumptuous audio-visual exploration of the human obsession with these majestic titular geographical features. Constructed from more than 2000 hours of footage shot in 15 countries, often taken under the most extreme circumstances on the most unforgiving mountains, the film is a mesmerising study of the long-standing and undiluted allure of vertiginous mountains.

Tuesday 1 May at 8.30pm
Félicité     France/Belgium/Senegal/Germany/Lebanon 2017  |  129 mins  |  12A
Félicité is a proud and free-willed single mother who works as a singer in a bar in the city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her life is thrown into turmoil when her 14-year-old son is critically injured in a motorcycle accident, launching her on a frantic race through the city in an effort to find the one million Congolese Francs she will need to pay for her son's treatment. Boasting a strong, eclectic soundtrack and a terrific debut performance from Véro Tshanda Beya as Félicité, the film is a compelling testament to a woman's strength in the face of adversity.

Tuesday 8 May at 8.30pm
Glory [Slava]    Bulgaria/Greece 2016   |  101 mins  | 12
When railway worker Tzanko discovers a sizeable pile of cash, instead of pocketing it he decides to hand it over to the authorities. Ruthless PR manager Julia immediately looks to exploit this story in order to distract attention from negative press reports about the Ministry of Transportation. But the unkempt Tzanko, with his debilitating stutter and hatred of corruption, may not be the propaganda gift she was hoping for. Featuring precise, waste-free direction from The Lesson's Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov, Glory is a gripping, wittily executed and superbly performed study of socio-economic injustice.

Tuesday 15 May at 8.30pm
The Prince of Nothingwood     France/Germany 2017  |  85 mins  |  15
Afghan writer, producer, director and actor Salim Shaheen has created over 100 low-budget films with precious few resources. A self-styled movie mogul and prince of what he describes as 'Nothingwood', Shaheen is a larger-than-life figure who, in his latest venture, has chosen to make two colourful films about his own early life. Chronicling his efforts is French documentary filmmaker Sonia Kronlund, who in the process delivers a beguiling and eye-opening portrait of a man whose love of the medium allows him to continue to make movies under the most adverse conditions.

Tuesday 22 May at 8.30pm
The Touch [Beröringen]    Sweden/USA 1971  |  115 mins  |  15
Karin (Bibi Andersson), a happily married mother of two, surprises herself by responding to an unexpected profession of love from David (Elliott Gould), a visiting archaeologist with whom her husband Andreas (Max von Sydow) has become friends. But love is seldom simple, and a combination of deceit and David's volatile temperament soon begin take their toll. Unavailable for decades, the 1971 The Touch marked director Ingmar Bergman's first collaboration with an established Hollywood star, and this new 4K restoration and re-release has seen it recognised as an unfairly forgotten work from one of cinema's great masters.

Tuesday 29 May at 8.30pm
The Divine Order [Die göttliche Ordnung]    Switzerland 2017  |  96 mins  |  12A
In Switzerland in 1971, unassuming young mother and housewife Nora becomes energised when she begins campaigning for women's right to vote, an issue on which the male population is soon to be balloted. Despite the discomforting reminder that women's suffrage came so late to a country that is often regarded as progressive, The Divine Order avoids being overly preachy and instead has a good deal of fun with this game-changing moment in its country's history, with writer-director Petra Biondina Volpe lacing the humour with political barbs, aided by a winning central performance from Marie Leuenberger.

Tuesday 5 June at 8.30pm
Song of Granite     Ireland/Canada 2017  |  104 mins  |  U
The work of traditional Irish (or Sean Nós) singer Joe Heaney was shaped by the myths, fables and songs of his upbringing in the west of Ireland, but his emergence as a gifted artist came at a personal cost. This biographical drama from filmmaker Pat Collins tells the dramatic life story of this celebrated singer and is a captivating exploration of music and song, featuring performances from a number of acclaimed Sean Nós musicians and striking black and white cinematography from Richard Kendrick.

Tuesday 12 June at 8.30pm
Native     UK 2016  |  86 mins  |  12
When a signal is received from the other side of the universe, two scientists are selected to travel many light years with the aim of colonising the distant world from which it originated. As their telepathic connection to home begins to fade, the two begin to question the ethics of their mission and even the meaning of their own existence. The debut feature from director and co-writer Daniel Fitzsimmons, Native is a thoughtful, challenging and unusually intimate low-budget science fiction drama featuring intriguing performances from Rupert Graves and Ellie Kendrick.